Welcome to JAWS

We are two brothers maintaining secure JAWS pool located in Finland focusing on security, ensuring good bandwidth, and data reliance. We are using the Google Cloud platform. Our Block producer is located in Finland. Our 4 relays are located in Germany, Canada, South-Korea and Finland as well.


Profit margin: 1 %

Cost per epoch: 340 ADA (minimum)

Pool Pledge: 300 k

address for delegators: 3b3110ff3c00b32b33f6fc3c003a218150422079980240efb5205e89

JAWS supports the Cardano ecosystem and is one of the pools that allows you to stake ADAs in the mainnet. Stake with us and get REWARDS!

JAWS focuses on pool stability, security and sustainability with regard to energy efficiency.

We are monitoring our services 24/7.

Cardano mainnet is open. Stake with us!

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Premiere of adajaws

What if you imagined you were in a situation where you didn’t have a bank account or ID, but at the same time there was a goodness in the world that would make it possible for you?

Videos from the Cardano Incentivized TestNet (ITN):


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One Million Delegations

The Second block is here!

The first block of AdaJaws

If you wonder why Cardano?

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